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6PM-7PM Gi BJJ Class.  Instructor: Dan Kraus/ Kahra Wahler





12PM-1PM Members only open roll.  

6PM-7PM Gi BJJ Class.  Instructor: Ricky Phoun/Justin Trubiani

7:15PM-8:15PM  Drills & Rolls.  Instructor: Ricky Phoun/Justin Trubiani





12PM-1PM  Gi BJJ Class.  Instructor: Randy Meeker

6PM-7PM Gi BJJ Class.  Instructor: BJ Sannicolas

7:15PM-8:15PM MMA Class.  Instructor: BJ Sannicolas





5:45PM-6:45PM Gi BJJ Class.  Instructor: Keisuke Andrew

7:00PM-8:00PM No-Gi BJJ Class.  Instructor: Keisuke Andrew





12PM-1PM  Gi BJJ Class.  Instructor: Dave Hawley

6:15PM-7:15PM  No-Gi BJJ Class.  Instructor: Rodion Pustoshilov





8:45AM-9:45AM MMA Class.  Instructor: Keisuke Andrew / Ricky Phoun

10AM-11AM Gi BJJ Fundamentals Class.  Instructor: Keisuke Andrew

11:15AM-12:15PM Saturday Randori(Rolls).  Instructor: Keisuke Andrew





8AM Members only Competition Class.  Instructor: Justin Trubiani

10AM-11AM Members only open roll.


JR DRAGONS KIDS CLASSES Ages 7-13(No exceptions to the age requirement). 


MONDAY:  5PM-5:40PM  Instructor: Jimmy Yaaj


TUESDAY:  5PM-5:40PM Instructor: Jose Mireles


WEDNESDAY:  5PM-5:40PM Instructor: Jose Mireles


THURSDAY:  4:45PM-5:25PM Instructor: Parker Bruns

Closures due to weather

All closing will be based on the Oregon City School District closures.

Holiday Closures



May             Memorial Day 

July             Independence Day

September   Labor Day

October         Halloween 

November    Thanksgiving

December    Christmas Eve

December    Christmas

December    New Years Eve

January        New Years Day 

January        Martin Luther King Day

February      Valentines Day