Although it is our policy to never pressure anyone from cancelling their membership, small business martial art schools like Enso rely on memberships to keep our Dojo running.  If enough people cancel their memberships during this crisis(COVID-19 Dojo Closure March 16th-April 1st 2020), it is possible that it may be a catastrophe that we may not be able to recover from.  Your continued support would be greatly appreciated.  

                                               Membership Cancellation




To cancel your membership, please Text or call Keisuke Andrew at 503-703-4691.  You will get a confirmation when your membership has been cancelled.  Please provide 5 days advanced notice for cancellation.  


Please note that your autopay tuition rate is no longer grandfathered in once your autopay is cancelled.  When you start up the autopay again, you will be setup at the current pricing structure.